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Alexandra Neto

Qui | 06.01.11

Anna Dello Russo (é como o Vinho do Porto?)

Anna Dello Russo tem uma cara "estranha" (eu pelo menos acho), mas hoje estava a ler uma entrevista dela, em que constavam várias fotos antigas - directamente da sua "Private Collection" e fiquei espantada... Ao inicio nem percebi que era ela nas fotografias!

Fica esclarecido que - apesar de ainda achar a sua cara um pouco "estranha" (o que não é necessariamente feia!!!) - esta senhora melhorou imenso (!!!) com os anos! 

Ainda deixo aqui três excertos da entrevista, que gostei muito: 

Was fashion your childhood dream or a more pragmatic career choice?
Fashion was born way before me. From a very young age I understood fashion was my passion, I was obsessed; I wanted to grow up to own as many clothes as possible. I was attracted to my mother's friends' clothes, anything that sparkled etc. There was no other way for me than to work in fashion. There was nothing pragmatical about it at all, I actually had to change careers to end up working in fashion... It was just meant to be.
I like clothes not for their prices or other such aspects but for their evocative power, how much "dream" they carry with them.


Do you believe in timeless pieces or do you think fashion should be seen as disposable?
I'm a collector but I collect incredible pieces only, no daywear! I really love garments with lots of imagination, lost of history; I try to imagine that if I died my clothing could go on to be shown in a museum, who wants to see a plain white shirt? So I think.. "Is that something people would want to see in the future?"... Something with a bit of flair.


Random people have been seen wearing Anna dello Russo t-shirts... Quite the achievement! What is your ultimate goal?
I just want to keep going as long as I don't lose the spontaneity; you shouldn't ever lose spontaneity. Of course the t-shirts are really flattering; they almost feel like a prize, an award for my career. But where it'll all end uo? Not a clue.

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É como o Vinho do Porto, ou acham que está igual?