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Alexandra Neto

Qua | 30.06.10

You should have one...

Lembram-se de ter dito que tinha lido o One Hundred da Nina Garcia? Uma das coisas que me chamou a atenção foi a quantidade de malas que estão no meio das 100 coisas que every stylish woman must own.

Então meninas, toca a pôr na lista de compras:


"The Clutch is the one item that will let you show off your sense of whimsy, your sense of glamour"

Cosmetics Bag

"It may seem like an insignificant acessory, but any woman on the go will tell you that is the one item she would be lost without."

Exotic Skin Bag

"Everything else can be kept classic - the exotic skin bag is happy to carry the whole look."

Hobo Bag

"The perfect every day bag because it is spacious (holds all of your essencials), sublimely slouchy (easily slings over your shoulder), and durable (can handle being beat up a bit)."

Investment Bag

"(...) this is the bag that you can spend a dew weeks salary on and not feel guilty (or you shouldn't, anyway)."

L. L. Bean Tote

"A century ago, a lady did not carry a bag larger than a clutch (and a small clutch at that). Today, we carry on our shoulders, making weekly massages quite justifiable and an L.L. Bean bag a necessity."


"(...) starting with a small carry-on roller (wich ensures that you cannot overpack) and building up to a large suitcase (wich ensures that you will overpack)."